College Football 2013: What We Learned in Week 14
It was the most exciting Iron Bowl in history. It was arguably the wildest ending to a college game ever. And Auburn’s last-second upset of No. 1 Alabama was just one of the highlights. Here are some things we learned this week in college football.
College Football 2013: 5 Big Questions for Week 14
The bad news is that we’re nearing the end of the college football season. The good news is that this week gives us some of the game’s most heated rivalries with championships potentially on the line. Here are some of the big questions going into Week 14:
NFL Football 2013: 5 Things We Learned From Week 12 + A Few More
I hate to say it, because I'm a fan, and I'm usually an optimist but the Houston Texans suck. At this point, they might as well be playing for a first-round draft pick. When the wheels come off as much as they have this season, how do you put it back together? Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys have some…

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