A Funny Little Prank on NYC Subway Conductors
Conductors who work for the New York City transit authority have enough to worry about.  But, at every single stop they have to point to a black and white striped board hanging above the platform to prove they are paying attention.  Why?  No freakin clue but they are required to do it…
Testing the Texas EZ Tag System at 200 Miles Per Hour [VIDEO]
700 horses is a whole lot of power, and that's exactly what the 2014 Hennessey C7 Corvette Stingray pumps out. If you were lucky enough to have a car with that much power, how often do you think you'd be able to give it a real workout? Probably not very.
Unless of course, your company makes a special…
Victoria Stresses Safe Driving with Sober Sleigh Ride Program
Before heading off to a holiday party or event, people often forget to arrange a sober ride home for themselves, friends, loved ones or colleagues. This holiday season, Texas Department of Transportation is asking Texans to literally get on board with a message that can save lives...
Man Awakens From In Flight Nap Alone and Locked Inside Plane.
Tom Wagner woke up Friday night and the plane cabin was dark. And empty. Completely empty.
He looked around from his window seat near the back of the jet and wondered, "What is going on?"
He tried the jet door. It was locked.
Not knowing what else to do, he phoned his girlfriend and s…

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