85 Mph is One Thing, but 203 is Incredible!
When the Texas State Highway Department announced that they were raising the speed limit on certain highways to 85 mph, I thought that was very cool, especially since even though I do tend to drive above 70 on the highway, (shhh...don't tell anyone!) but 85 is faster that I usually want to driv…
Japan’s ‘Cuddle Cafe’ Offers Human Butt Pillows
There is a cutting-edge, new brothel located in Japan’s Red-Light District that has been generating quite a buzz with a menu of non-traditional services ranging from hand holding, hugs and now, butt pillows.
Since opening its doors last year, Soineya’s 'cuddle café' has built its reputation on provid…
Go Here: The Weird Chicago Tour
Chicago's may be known as "The Windy City," but who cares about wind, besides oscillating fan enthusiasts, and who cares about them besides their moms? Chicago is also touted as the most haunted city in America, and that's way more awesome. You know what else is awesome? …
Sleep Tight in The Human Colon Hotel
When planning your next romantic getaway, you may want to avoid making reservations here; unless of course your companion happens to be a super-sexy proctologist with extremely bad taste and a well-greased…sense of humor.

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