Doug Stanhope on Why America is Great
Sure, we have our share of problems in the good 'ol USA, but we are still by far the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Check out this video of comedian Doug Stanhope telling Britons why America is the best. Warning-NSFW language.
Hilariously Immature World City Names…..You’re Welcome.
Here's some straight stupidity for you. A geographer has built an interactive online map of some of the most...questionably named places on the planet. If you ever wondered how to get to Shag Island, Indiana, or Balls Cross, UK, or perhaps Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona, by gosh this is the map for …
Go Here: Torture Museum in Amsterdam
Even though my complete lack of self-control dictates that any museum trip I go on in Amsterdam be "sponsored" by legal marijuana (which would make The The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments (MMTI) infinitely more terrifying) I'm still excited to visit.
Go Here: Abandoned Hospital on North Brother Island in NY
Every time I got sick as a kid, my mother would call me 'Typhoid Mary.' That was before the internet was a thing, and so I always assumed she was having a bout of amnesia. When I was older, though, I learned that Mary was very real, typhoid was very scary, and this abandoned island hospita…
Go Here: Mütter Museum in Philadelphia
I tend to have a pretty short attention span at history museums, unless they are one of two thing: interactive, or disturbing. The Mütter Museum, a museum of medical history, is definitely the latter, and so it's thankfully not the former. You would not want to interact with the …
Go Here: El Cosmico in Marfa, TX
Ever since I saw Baz Luhrmann's magical 1996 interpretation of 'Romeo and Juliet,' I've romanticized the idea of living in a weird desert trailer park. Now that I'm a grown up, the idea of permanent residence in one is slightly less appealing, but El Cosmico is a commun…

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