7 Minutes of Epic Motorcycle Fails
Not going to lie...this blog was inspired by an idiot on a green Ninja flying down John Stockbauer weaving in and out of traffic so I decided to pay tribute to idiots like that.
As a motorcycle enthusiast, I've always respected the motorcycle and thus not acted like an idiot on one...
United States of Corporate America…This is Pretty Good.
OK We all know certain states pride themselves on what major corporation calls them home right? Well I stumbled upon a map that accurately depicts the United States of America by state/corporation.
I don't know about you but I kind of want to stop by Colorado on my way to Florida...
Once Doomed Cruise Ship Returns To Service
We all have heard the name Carnival Triumph. You know, that cruise ship that was stuck wandering aimlessly in the Gulf Of Mexico after being crippled by an engine room fire back in February. Well as of this past Thursday, it is officially back in service and sailing out of Galveston...
MOMA Video Game Exhibit — Go Here
When you think of New York's Museum of Modern Art, you probably imagine giant splatter paintings and jars of toenail clippings. Not your thing? No worries; they also have a new video game collection.

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