6 Best Ski Resorts For Picking Up Women
If you're on the hunt to trap a bunny of your very own this winter, this list will get you headed in the right direction. So strap your skis to the top of your suburban, fill your trunk with PBR and make like Elmer Fudd - go catch yourself a wabbit.
Win a Trip to See any Pro Football Game You Want
It's football season, baby! If you've ever bought tickets to a game, you know how expensive it can be. Practically every game is sold out well in advance, and scalpers are getting like ten times face value. Well, how would you like to see your favorite team play for free, even if it's…
The 20 Worst Movies to Watch on an Airplane
You're moments into a three-hour flight when the captain comes on the intercom and explains that the use of approved electronics is now allowed. You don't feel like reading a book or a magazine -- there's WiFi on this flight -- and you feel like watching a movie.

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