The 10 Worst Cities to Live in Texas
Good news-if you thought that Victoria (or any other cities in the Crossroads) would amount to being included on a list of the 10 Worst Cities to Live in Texas, you'd be wrong.
That, according to the website HomeSnacks, this list considers factors including education, employment opportunities, c…
Planning a Road Trip this Summer? Start Right Here in Texas
I love road trips. Getting out on the highway and exploring all that our great country has to offer, exploring out of the way diners and scenery. Needless to say, Texas has plenty to offer for your vacation. In fact, the website WalletHub crunched the numbers comparing states to find the best & …
Texas Man Dies After Swimming With New Tattoo
Listen to your tattoo artists people!  They know what they're talking about!
A Dallas man died recently after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after getting a new tattoo on his leg.
While swimming, the bacteria vibrio vulnificus entered his body through the open skin...
Victoria Travelers Stuck on the Tarmac at DFW
Have you ever been on a plane that was delayed for whatever reason? I have for about an hour one time, and that was no fun but, at least it wasn't longer than that.
About 11 passengers headed to Victoria from DFW were delayed three hours on Sunday due to what they were told was weather related, …

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