Facebook Hoax Resurfaces…..Again
Over the past few days I'm sure everyone's news feed on their personal Facebook pages has been literally clogged with people copying and pasting a long, drawn out statement regarding their privacy policies. Well bad news people. It was a hoax when it surfaced several years ago and it is …
There is Now a Dating App for People Who Love Bacon
Oscar Mayer‘s latest gimmick is a dating app to help bacon lovers meet one another. Or in this case MEAT one another....see what I did there?
The app is called Sizzl and it uses GPS to find other app users locally or nationwide, and similar to the way Tinder works, users “like” photos they find smok…
5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wifi Speed [VIDEO]
No one likes wasting their time watching a website take forever to load, and the bane of all video streaming is buffering -- but these five tips will help you avoid those hassles and make your ever-increasing dependence on the internet a lot easier.
Stranger Danger. Parents You Need to Watch This
In this day and age with social media dominating technology and our everyday lives, it is getting harder and harder to tell if someone is for real or not. This experiment is no exception. This guy Coby, with the permission of all the girl's parents, posed as a 15 year old boy who is new in to…
Canadian Hitchhiking Robot Destroyed in Philadelphia
This is why we can't have nice things. HitchBOT, the loveable little Canadian hitchhiking robot is, sadly, no more. The robot, developed by students and professors at the University of Toronto, was all set to hitchhike the USA starting in Massachusetts and ending up in San Francisco...
Hackers Able to Hack Jeep Cherokee While its Driving. Scary Stuff.
Don't send your old clunker of a retro-mobile to the automotive junk yard just yet. It may be the safest machine on the road.
In an article published Tuesday, Wired magazine reports on how it engaged two hackers to see if they could take control of a Jeep Cherokee from the comfort of their living roo…
Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies at 55
The gaming world lost a legend Monday with the passing of Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata. He was only 55 years old.
Iwata died Monday from a growth on his bile duct according to a statement released by Nintendo.
Iwata helped pull Nintendo out of slumping sales by introducing the Nintendo DS..…

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