Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes
Disappointed voters seemed to want a way out last night and tried to weigh their options in mass numbers.
The official Canadian immigration website crashed Tuesday night as election results came in, suggesting many Americans are considering leaving the U...
Woman Farts During Surgery Starts Fire
Not sure what she ate but a Japanese woman was undergoing surgery at a Tokyo hospital when the unthinkable happened.
Apparently, the patient was undergoing a procedure involving a laser.  The laser was being used near the woman's cervix when accidentally, she passed gas which sounds funny b…
Walmart to Roll Out Self Driving Shopping Carts
As if we weren't getting lazy enough.
Walmart has filed patents and is working on a self driving shopping cart. Essentially cutting out the need for cart pushers. The carts are going to be able to basically drive themselves and will be controlled most likely from a smartphone app...
Nintendo Bringing Back Original NES In Mini Form
My inner child just squealed like a 12 year old girl at a Taylor Swift concert. Nintendo announced it is launching The Nintendo Classic Mini a smaller version of the popular 80s console.
To make it even better, it’ll have some of its best games preloaded...

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