POLL: Are Movie Previews in Theaters Too Long?
Some say one of the best parts about going to the movie theater is seeing all the previews that screen beforehand, but for many, including the National Association of Theater Owners, this is too much of a drawn-out experience. The organization recently released a list of voluntary demands to movie s…
New radioPup Update Adds Alarm Clock, Sleep Timer + More
Listening to our radio station on the go just got ever better! A new update (version 3.0) for our mobile listening app radioPup has added some great new features listeners have been clamoring for, including the ability to wake up to your favorite radio station each morning.
Best Live Album – 2014 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards
Last year's best live albums were more than mere concert souvenirs. The greatest of them revealed glimpses of hardworking bands on the road, hammering out their familiar material in new and often exciting ways. Some of them expanded on classic live albums from back in the day, while others show…

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