Nine Beers Nobody Drinks Anymore.
After three years of declining sales, shipments of domestically sold beer are up by more than 1% in the United States this year. Sales of light beer and specialty beer, such as Budweiser Light Platinum, Shock Top, and Blue Moon, have been the driving force in the resurgence of U...
5 of the Most Dangerous Toy Recalls Ever
With the rare exception you can rest assured the toys you buy for your kids today are safe, but that hasn't always been the case.
Safety standards were much lower a decade or two ago and almost nonexistent before then. Today recalls because of cadmium or toxic lead capture the headlines, but dan…
Do You Have a Secret Email Address? — Survey of the Day
Given the simplicity of signing up for an email account, most folks end up having multiple email addresses. Some are for business, others for friends and family, and it's a good idea to have one to use for offers that may result in a deluge of spam.
Then there is the most controversial …

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