How to Boost Your Wifi Signal Without Spending a Dime
If you're like us, you're home for the holidays. If your parents are like our parents, they have an vintage router from 1996, and Netflix spends more time buffering than actually delivering. If ancient technology is getting in the way of your only source of Christmas Eve entertainment, we&…
You’re Not All Magnums — Study Shows Men Ignore Condom Sizes
Some of us dudes are packing a bit more wiener than sense, according to a new study which shows that despite efforts to educate, many men still choose not to use condoms. The biggest complaint? They say their meat-stick simply will not fit into a one-size-fits-all rubber. We have the opposite p…
Did Human Hands Evolve Specifically For Fighting?
While there used to be some speculation in the Darwin community that human hands evolved to make it easier to "pack the palm", a new study indicates that our ability to make a fist actually manifested for the sole purpose of beating the holy, living snot out of each other.

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