MIT Student Invents Ice That Tattles on Binge Drinkers
When it comes to ice, we only want it to do one thing -- make our drinks cold. We certainly don't want it to snitch to our friends after we've had one too many. But a MIT student has invented exactly that -- digital ice that monitors how quickly someone is drinking and sends out an alert w…
Why Don’t We Have Faster-Than-Light Travel Yet?
Traveling faster than the speed of light is a popular concept in the world of most science fiction, but still very much fiction. So why is it that with all of the technological advancements that actual science has made over the last century is faster-than-light travel nowhere within our reach?
New Facebook App Helps You Find Out Who Gave You the Flu
We're not big fans of winter. The only good part of this season is that it's socially acceptable to grow a burly bush of upper lip hair to keep us warm, but other than that  it's just cold, dreary and it's also the season of the flu. Just thinking about the chills, the achin…
Space Travel Can Actually Make You Taller
With the exception of throwing yourself into a pair of tall shoes, there really is no way to make you any taller than that with which genetics blessed you. That is, unless you have a connection with the space program.
GMO Cucumbers Want To Steal Your Pubic Hair
Are you a cucumber fan? Don't be gross -- what we mean is, do you enjoy a light cucumber sandwich every once in a blue moon, or a couple cukes in your salads? Well listen up-- switch to organic. NOW. We just got word of some awful news; the genetically-modified ones can make your junk bald…

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