Monday’s Solar Eclipse: 3 Things You Should Know
The total solar eclipse set to take place this Monday, August 21, is a rare, almost magical treat for anyone interested by what's up there in the sky and how it works. NASA has been preparing for the celestial event, and we wanted to share a few key pieces to help you better enjoy and understan…
Texas Man Dies After Swimming With New Tattoo
Listen to your tattoo artists people!  They know what they're talking about!
A Dallas man died recently after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after getting a new tattoo on his leg.
While swimming, the bacteria vibrio vulnificus entered his body through the open skin...
Victoria West Senior Designs Prosthetic Hand for 8 Year Old
Wow, science! Using a 3-D printer, a senior from Victoria West High School designed a prosthetic hand for a local second grader.
8 year old Ella Jeson, who attends Schorlemmer Elementary School is now able to use her new hand, and has learned to write with it for the very first time...

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