Who’s Got the Best Burger in Victoria?
Everybody loves a good burger. The best burgers in my opinion, are the one you grill in your back yard, but sometimes, you just want to have one from a restaurant. There are lots of options around town, from fast food chains to local fast food joints, sit down restaurants, and food trucks. Who's got…
Yelp Says These are the Top 10 Taco Places in Victoria
Everybody loves tacos and there are lots of places in Victoria to find them. but who's got the best? Of course, only you can judge for yourself which you like best but, based on reviews posted on Yelp, here are the Top 10. Keep in mind, these are brick and mortar places, and no food trucks were…
Madden NFL 17 Review (PlayStation 4)
Now in the third year of the newest console generation, Madden NFL 17 finds itself served well by the combined efforts of the past as well as a number of great small improvements.
The Best Chicken Fried Steak in the Crossroads
Chicken fried steak. It's a popular menu item at restaurants across America, particularly in the South. I am a steak lover for sure but, I like a steak without too much on it to disguise it's natural flavor. Some garlic, maybe a little marinade once in a while, and often with some sauteed mushrooms.…

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