‘Sound City’ – Movie Review
For anyone who grew up wanting to make music during the first four and a half decades of the rock era, it's hard to overestimate the importance and mystique of the recording studio.
‘The Dirties’ Review
Nobody asked for this movie. But someone was going to make it. I'm just glad it was Matthew Johnson, a young (but not as young as he looks!) Canadian director/co-writer/co-star who has the chutzpah to take on a really difficult subject and the chops to deliver without coming off as crass or exploita…
Top 10 Humble Pie Songs
One could make a good argument that Humble Pie have in some ways lived out the prophecy of their name. Now frequently overshadowed by the same peers they once blew off the stage, the British group have indeed been forced to eat humble pie in the grand scheme of classic rock history...
Is Victoria One of the Friendliest Towns in America?
The short answer, at least according to Forbes Magazine, is no. But what the hell do they know? When I first moved here some 16 years ago, one of the things that impressed me was how nice people were. In fact, I still feel that way. What do you think? Is Victoria one of the friendliest towns in Amer…

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