Donald Trump-Now, With More Class! [VIDEO]
He may have some good ideas but, to some people, he comes off as arrogant and uninformed. However, if you add a sophisticated-sounding British accent, The Donald comes off as either more palatable or, perhaps the next Bond villain.
Danny Garcia to Seek Re-Election in Precinct 1
Commissioner Danny Garcia has announced that he will seek a second term as Victoria County Precinct 1 Commissioner. “I want to continue the progress we’re making in Precinct 1. We have a good team working in the precinct, and we’ve been busy fixing roads, improv…
Rena Scherer to Run for Final Term in 2016
Victoria County Tax Assessor-Collector Rena Scherer has announced that she will run in 2016 for a final term in office. A Republican, Scherer began serving in the Tax Office in 1981 as a Clerk in the Property Tax Department. She was elected Tax Assessor-Collector in 1992 following the retirement of …
The First Democratic Debate and Game Show
If you spend any amount of time at all on the web, you're probably familiar with the news and sports parodies known as Bad Lip Reading. You've probably seen the ones they've done with movies and TV shows, and the NFL. They've also given the treatment to the Republican Presidential Candidate's Debate…

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