97 Year Old Victoria Woman Used in Viral Facebook Post
You see political posts of all kinds on social media like Facebook used to declare one position or another, and they're often not true.Take for example a recent post that claimed that a 97 year old Victoria woman was not allowed to vote in the Texas Primary Election because of restrictive voter…
Wacky Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Died at Age 46.
Rob Ford, the scandal-laden former mayor of Toronto has passed away after fighting a rare form of cancer.
Remember Ford? The guy who says he has more than enough to eat at home (referring to his wife)? Yeah, THAT guy! Canadian's version of Chris Farley...
Oh, Boy: SNL Unleashes a ‘Racists for Trump’ Campaign Ad
Last year, SNL was hosted by Republican presidential nominee frontrunner Donald Trump and the response was unkind, to say the least. Back then, he still seemed like a big joke — just a loudmouth who was surely going to drop out at any moment. And now, as he wins primary after primary, the bel…
Ted Cruz-Up Close & Personal [VIDEO]
As the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination heats up, it's often difficult to really get a feel for what the candidates are like. Take Texas Senator Ted Cruz for example. He has a reputation for being a hard-nosed conservative that's not easy to work with in the Senate. What you don't kno…
SXSW Gets Presidential this Year
Hard to believe but SXSW in Austin is coming up, and both President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama will be keynote speakers.
A published report at sxsw.com says that for the first time ever, the President will take part in a Keynote Conversation at SXSW Interactive next week (March 11) on…
Full List of Winners From Local Elections Yesterday
Yesterday was Super Tuesday here in Texas and there were many elections being held not only nation wide, but also right here in the Crossroads...and here are the results.
U.S. Rep. District 27
Gregg Deeb - 44%
Blake Farenthold - 56%
Ray Madrigal -25%
Raul Roy Barrera -48%
Wayne Raasch -25%

District Attorne…

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