Tiny Trump Will Most Likely Upset the President in a Big Way
We all know Donald Trump has issues with his self image. He can't stand it when people have even the slightest bit of criticism of his fake tan, his hair or, God forbid, they bring up his small hands.
Well hopefully President Trump hasn't gotten wind of a Reddit page titled "Tiny …
Trump’s Speech….Now With More Accordion.
By now we're all seen a Donald Trump speech on TV.  The guy does love to give speeches.  However, as most of you have probably noticed, he does an incredible amount of movement with his hands.
Well, someone had the time and patience to take one of the President Elect's speeches wh…
Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes
Disappointed voters seemed to want a way out last night and tried to weigh their options in mass numbers.
The official Canadian immigration website crashed Tuesday night as election results came in, suggesting many Americans are considering leaving the U...

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