Photos from 2012 Election Night
The 2012 presidential election concluded on Nov. 6, and after clinching 303 electoral votes, President Barack Obama will return to the Oval Office for his second term. After one of the most heated battles in campaign history, President Obama delivered his victory speech in Chicago, Ill., saying, &qu…
Pennsylvania Voting Machine Doesn’t Allow Obama Votes
Aaaaaaand the drama begins. This video footage was taken by a man trying to cast a vote for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania (an important swing state). We say "trying" because the machine doesn't make it particularly possible to actually vote for Obama -- every time the man tries…
Claim Your Election Day Freebies
Well, it's finally Election Day here in the old Land of the Free, and what better way to give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there and casting your all-important vote than with some free stuff, right?
Voter Turns 18 Years Old Today!
::From the Victoria Advocate::
One Victoria East High School student is getting an unusual birthday present.
Travis Hughes, born Nov. 6, 1994, will postpone festivities until after he casts his ballot for the next president of the United States...
Get Your Asses Out Tomorrow and VOTE!!
Tomorrow is election day in the good ol U.S.A and if you're just as tired of all the political BS as I am then get out and VOTE!
I don't care if you vote straight ticket or independently.  Whether you want change in this country or are happy with the current course of action...

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