Cat Tries to Disrupt Dude’s Shredding in This Hilarious Video
Do you play guitar? Do you own a cat? Do you ever sit down to jam, but your friendly feline has other ideas? Check out this guy jamming away, while his cat decides he should be paying attention to it instead. Points for the dude not missing a beat. It's better than I could do, for sure!
Fundraiser for Adopt-A-Pet Happening This Saturday!!
Tanique, Victoria's tanning headquarters, along with Etcetera are holding a fundraising event this saturday, April 5th at their location 5315 N. Navarro from 2-5pm.
10% of all sales during this event will be donated to Adopt-A-Pet which will also be on hand with available dogs and cats for adopt…
Easy $100 Solution to Missing Planes…Honestly, WTF?!?
OK here we are. Day 19 and still no sign of the missing Malaysian 777 jet that suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Day 19 of CNN's grueling 24 hour coverage regurgitating the same tired, played out information. Even going so far as to come up with their own theories such as Aliens, or black …

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