Chicken Crossing Oregon Road Causes Traffic Jam
Portland Oregon police were told there was a chicken and it was attempting to cross the road.
In fact, the citizen who called the police non-emergency line on Monday evening reported that the chicken's efforts to cross a road in a north Portland neighborhood were bringing traffic nearly to a sta…
These Firefighters Need A Little More Training
If you have a sudden fire in your kitchen, it's really handy to have your own in-house firefighters. It would probably help though if they were a little more coordinated. Not to mention having opposable thumbs.
Victoria East Titans in Playoff Action Saturday at Riverside Stadium
Make plans to head down to Riverside Stadium and support the East Titans this Saturday. These boys and coaches have earned your support and made history doing it. The Titans advanced to the regional semifinal against Hays Consolidated, which defeated Kerrville Tivy 10-0 last Saturday to take a 2-1 s…
Hero Cat Saves The Day
This is something you gotta see to believe. The video shows a little boy outside his own house just riding his bike like any normal kid would. Then the camera switches to show a neighbor dog seemingly stalking the little guy. Then, without provocation, the dog comes around the truck with the inte…

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