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Astros Pitcher Dallas Keuchel Wins AL Cy Young Award
Dallas Keuchel won an American League-best 20 games and notched one last victory in 2015 by collecting the AL Cy Young award.
Keuchel got 22 first-place votes for 186 points from the Baseball Writers' Association of America in results announced Wednesday...
Did Hot Pockets Save A Guy From Dying in A Plane Crash?
The short answer....yes and no.
A man who lived at the Ohio apartment building destroyed in a fiery plane crash says an errand to buy Hot Pockets saved his life.
Jason Bartley said he feels lucky but also in shock over the crash and heartbroken about losing treasured possessions...
Restaurant Chain Drops Tipping for it’s Servers
You hear it all the time how service employees (waiters, waitresses, bartenders etc) rely heavily on their tips to survive. Well one national restaurant chain is doing away with tipping completely.
Joe's Crab Shack is in it's testing phase for the new model...
Pizza Hut Debuts Triple Threat Box
There aren’t many things in the world that are better than a box of pizza — unless, of course, you have a box of two pizzas, five breadsticks and a pizza-sized, eight-slice chocolate-chip cookie.
Pizza Hut debuted its Triple Treat Box on Monday, a new design that it says aims to…
Looks Like Pepsi Might Have Screwed Up…..Again
Fans of the Back to the Future franchise were chomping at the bit a few weeks ago to get their hands on a piece of nostalgia. A bottle of Pepsi Perfect. The bottle ordered by Marty McFly in the future. 2015 to be exact. Well, that release was marred with controversy as it seems Amazon and Walmar…
Today is National American Beer Day
No that's not redundant. I know National and American are pretty much the same thing. No, this is celebrating American Beer...brewed in this country.
And it's not just something made up either. Well I guess technically it is made up but it's a thing so if you needed a reason to enjo…

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