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Is America Ready for Alcoholic Beverages Made by Coca-Cola?
I'll answer the above question with a resounding yes! You've probably used the soft drink as a mixer, right? Well, the company may be taking the work out of mixing your own with a new line of drinks currently only available in Japan.
It's called Chu-Hi, and it's a carbonated fruit-flavored drink that…
Victoria Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
Victoria Crime Stoppers usually asks for your help solving a crime but this week, they need help finding a missing person.
The Victoria Police Department is requesting information regarding the disappearance of Antonio Vela Jr.  Vela was last seen at a local business on June 15, 2017...
What’s the Strangest Thing You Can Get for Free on Craigslist?
Have you ever browsed Craigslist for anything? I check the musical instrument section every once in a while looking for a deal on guitars or accessories and, just for fun, I check the 'free' section. While i didn't see anything that unusual this time around, the usual suspects in Victoria, assorted …

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