Participate in Clinical Trials Right Here in Victoria
When some people hear the words "clinical trials" they often feel like they would be treated like a guinea pig. Well, that is not the case at a local clinic here in Victoria.
Crossroads Clinical Research specializes in clinical research and drug testing and they have current opening…
Burger King to Introduce “Whopperito”
As if America isn't fat enough (myself included) Burger King has announced plans to roll out something they're hoping to appeal to the Taco Bell demographic (stoners and teenagers....and stoned teenagers) called the Whopperito. It's pretty self explanatory...
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Leads to Disease Breakthrough
Remember the Ice Bucket challenge? It was all the rage back in 2014. Hell, I even went big with the challenge having a front end loader full of ice water dumped over my head. Well, good news from all that money worked!
Now, the ALS Association says money raised from the viral trend hel…

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