Food Poisoning Expert Tells Us 6 Foods He Refuses to Eat
It seems like food contamination has been front and center in the news in recent years.  From outbreaks in lettuce, broccoli to the infamous shuttering of Blue Bell plants due to listeria it seems manufacturing safety might have taken a back seat to production numbers.
Woman Calls Fire Department To Cut Off Her Chastity Belt
An Italian woman walks into a fire station....sounds like the opening of a really cheesy joke right?  Well, unfortunately, it's not.  It actually happened.
A 60 year old woman walked into an Italian fire station and said she needed help unlocking something as she had lost the key...
Local Grocery Store Back to Selling Expired Food
If you remember, I did a blog awhile back about a local grocery store selling expired products. Well, it did some good for awhile. The store was very diligent about pulling said products when they expired and making way for fresher stuff. Well, it seems they have fallen back to their old ways as I f…

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