Want To Know What the Color of Your Urine Means?
Ah, the Boy Scouts. Where a young man can learn how to use a knife, how to start a fire, and how to diagnose how dehydrated he is from looking at his pee.
This chart from the Boy Scouts of America is actually fairly useful. The short answer to the question of “what your pee is telling me&Clo…
Electronic Cigarettes : Exploding Danger?
One of the biggest advantages of "smoking" an Electronic cigarette, is that it's supposed to be safer than a "real" cigarette. Right?

Well, I know of a guy in Florida that would tell you they're NOT safer at all. He would tell you, that is, if his two front teeth and…
Oregon Man Predicted “Linsanity”
Jeremy Lin was california's High School player of the year though. But he wasn't even offered a scholarship to a "real" basketball school. He ended up playing at Harvard, of all places, where he was really good. But still...nobody drafted him.

He made two NBA practice squad, …
Valentine’s Day: Rockers Spread the Love Via Twitter
Ethan Miller / Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images
February 14 is here, and you know what that means: it's time to celebrate Valentine's Day. How are your favorite rockers celebrating this special day? By taking to Twitter and letting their fans know just how they feel. In a f

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