Is It Healthy to Talk to Yourself?
At some point or another, most of us have caught ourselves speaking out loud to, well, no one. But although you may think talking to yourself makes you look crazy, scientists say it could actually have some real benefits.
Its National Severe Weather Preparedness Week
Are you ready for severe weather? With recent tornadoes and other inclement weather, it makes you wonder just how prepared you are.  Living near the coast, obviously we need to be aware especially during hurricane season. Victoria has been pretty lucky in recent years, but why press your luck? The F…
12 Obvious Signs That You Were Born Mean
They say that some people are born under a bad sign or born with a mean streak — but we’re sick to death of talking about Mel Gibson.
It turns out that those tired cliches may not be that far from the truth. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo found that people with a tendency to be meaner…
Newest Mensa Inductee Has 159 IQ and Is… 4 Years Old?
What were you doing when you were 4? If you were anything like us, you spent your days trying to keep up with the complex plots of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.’
Four-year-old Heidi Hankins from Winchester, England, however, taught herself how to read at a rapid pace, complete …

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