Dumb Criminals

First Grader Brings Grandma’s Heroin to School
Just in time for Mother's Day, a Pennsylvania grandmother has been arrested after her 7 year old grandson allegedly brought her drugs to school.
Grandma is 56 year old Pauline Ballinski-Munion. And she fessed up to police that she lost track of her stash while babysitting her grandson and anoth…
James Franco Caught Trolling Instagram for Underage Girls
In what will surely be explained off as performance art or eventually in a NY Times long read, James Franco tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl via Instagram. Following his Of Mice Or Men performance on Broadway, a fan took a video and photos of him outside the theater, and he asked her to tag him i…
2 Dead and 23 Injured at Austin’s SXSW Overnight.
Austin police are investigating a deadly crash during the busy South by Southwest festival. Police Chief Art Acevedo says the accident started as a DWI stop at a gas station on the Interstate 35 access road.
The suspect reportedly drove off, heading the wrong way down 9th Street, which is a one-way s…

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