Dumb Criminals

Detroit TV News Reporter Turns the Tables on a Squatter
It's no secret that the city of Detroit has fallen in some seriously hard times. There are lots of foreclosed and abandoned houses in the city, and there are also people that are living in some of those homes illegally. One homeowner wanted to sell her home in the area, but a squatter was making it …
Man’s Dog Helps Police Bust His Owner on Drug Charges.
Man's best friend he is not but you still gotta give little Bo some credit. He got another drug dealer off the streets.
Police in central Alabama say a man’s own dog helped officers bust him on a drug charge.
Prattville Police spokeswoman Paula Barlow says the pooch named Bo foll…
Texas Cop Offers to Let Woman Go if She Let Him Sniff Her Feet
Authorities in Harris County, Texas, are raising a stink over a school police officer who allegedly offered to let a suspect off the hook if she would let him sniff her feet.
Patrick Quinn, 26, a former police officer for the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District AND former City of Victoria P…
Man Accidentally Texts Probation Officer Asking for Weed.
It’s bad enough that he’s already been arrested on drug charges, but it’s equally worse as it is embarrassing that this Albany man accidentally texted his probation officer: “You have some weed?”
That's what happened to Alvin Cross Junior who plead guilty this past Monday for possession of cocaine an…

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