Dumb Criminals

Waco Biker Shootout Started Over Parking Dispute
By now, everyone has heard about the biker gang shootings in Waco this past weekend leaving 9 dead and more than 170 in jail each on $1 million bonds
The shooting occurred at Twin Peaks restaurant on Sunday after one man was injured when a vehicle ran over his foot, police said...
Bags of Cocaine Wash Up On Galveston TX Beach
A beach goer in Galveston stumbled upon something you don't see wash up everyday here in Texas....about $175,000 worth of cocaine wrapped in plastic bags.
Galveston police said Monday that the more than 30 bags do not contain any information on the source of the drugs...
Veterans Coffin Left in Hearse During Coffee Run
The body of Lt. Col Jesse Coleman was his way to his own funeral service when the driver and his passenger, a licensed funeral director, decided it was a good time to pull over at the nearest Dunkin Donuts for a freakin coffee break. According to amateur video shot at the scene, it shows both men e…

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