VISD Plans Monday Forum on Challenges Faced by Students
Its a tough world and getting tougher everyday, bringing new challenges that can be difficult to deal with, especially for school age people, who may not have the skills and experience to deal with them. That's why Victoria Independent School District is planning an open forum to talk about tho…
Mom Mails Son Box of Garbage He Forgot to Take Out
Connor Cox is your typical 18 year old college kid. And just like any 18 year old college kid, he hates chores when he goes home. And just like any typical teenager's mother, his mom Terri constantly has to remind him to do those chores...
Sobbing Boy Has All-Time Meltdown When Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work
We all feel this kid's pain.
This boy goes into a bawling free-for-all when the internet stops working. According to the YouTube description:
This is how my son reacted when the Holiday Inn Express changed the credentials to the Wi-Fi access, and he wasn't able to log onto YouTube to see Tra…

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