Monkey Throws Poop At Girl Taunting Him
You know what they say...Monkey see, monkey doo doo. Well this should be a lesson learned by everyone especially this little girl and her family. Don't piss off the wild animal in a cage.
You see a little girl and her friend approach the corner where the monkey is, throw something at it, and t…
School Starts Tomorrow for VISD
Just a friendly reminder that VISD goes back to school tomorrow, August 17th.
Remember, school zones will be in effect tomorrow morning so take it a little slower (especially if it is still raining) and please keep your eyes peeled for kids crossing the roadway...
Ashley Furniture HomeStore Donates 35 Mattress Sets to Kids
Paige and Ben Streiff, owners of the Ashley Furniture Homestore, have been blessed over the past 3 years to see the look on a child's face as they crawl into their new bed and see their back pack full of things we take for granted. Its all about giving them a better night sleep where they can H…

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