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90’s TV Psychic “Miss Cleo” Dies at Age 53
Famous TV psychic "Miss Cleo" has passed away at this morning after a long bout with cancer. She was 53.
Cleo, who's real name was Youree Harris, shot to fame portraying a Jamaican psychic during the 90's with her famous catch phrase "CALL ME NOW"
Miss Cl…
Tim Duncan Announces Retirement
Sad news out of San Antonio this morning as longtime Spurs fixture Tim Duncan announced this morning that he plans on hanging up the jersey after 19 years as a Spur.
Since drafting Duncan, the Spurs won five championships and posted a 1,072-438 regular season record, giving the team a ...
Matthew McConaughey to teach University Film Class
Remember those days in high school where your regular history teacher would call in sick and some anonymous substitute would just put on a VHS of Glory or Gettysburg and call it a day? It turns out that practice is still alive and well at universities across the country, with one small difference: i…

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