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The Nation Braces for “Day Without Immigrants”
Let's face it. No matter what your political beliefs are, you have to admit immigrants make up a very large chunk of our population here in the U.S. 32% in Houston alone.
There is a grass roots movement gaining steam called "Day Without Immigrants" where immigrants from all walks of life …
Playboy Reverses Previous Decision. Bringing Back Nude Photos
In a decision that will make most men very very happy, Playboy has reversed a year old decision and will once again show women baring it all for the men's magazine.
Magazine officials said they went with the no nudes approach in response to changing times, including the over-abundance of nude ph…
Sierra Nevada Beer Co. Issues 36 State Recall
Attention beer drinkers (and hellraisers if that applies to you) the Sierra Nevada Beer Company has issued a massive 36 state recall on some of their bottled beer due to concerns part of the glass bottle may actually chip off. And nobody wants broken glass in their beer...
Trump’s Speech….Now With More Accordion.
By now we're all seen a Donald Trump speech on TV.  The guy does love to give speeches.  However, as most of you have probably noticed, he does an incredible amount of movement with his hands.
Well, someone had the time and patience to take one of the President Elect's speeches wh…
Help Bring PBS’s The Daytripper to Victoria
Explore Victoria is attempting to bring the popular PBS show The Daytripper here to Victoria...but they need YOUR help to do it.
“The Daytripper” is now holding a Viewer’s Choice contest now until January 31, 2017 where the public can vote on where the Seas…
These Are The Cities Where Women are Having the Most Sex
Well guys, it might be time to pack up the ol U-Haul and head to the midwest.
It seems there's an app (and why not?) called Eve that tracks a woman's menstrual cycle and sexual activity....Where was this app when I was in college?!?
Well the information gathered from the app was used to…

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