Pink....It's a color often associated with a specific cause. But, for some firefighters, it's a word that defines the women in their communities.

The Guardians of the Ribbon Inc. will embark on a five-month tour teaching neighborhoods across America how to raise money in their communities for their communities.

For the first time, the tour's send-off will start in Victoria. The pink fire trucks will stop Saturday at the Chick-fil-A on North Navarro Street, seeking community support to help launch the tour.

The tour will visit 130 cities.

While the tour is all about the color pink - it even tows a two-ton stainless steel ribbon - it's not really about cancer.

"We have decided that we are targeting people, not disease," Graybill said. "Although our main focus is the fight against cancer, we are here to serve those in need."

Graybill said his focus is to inspire people to stop raising money for organizations, where they don't see the end results, and instead, to keep the money local......Not sure if I agree with that 100%. The Susan G. Komen foundation and American Cancer Society are two outstanding organizations both dedicated to finding a cure and to stop donating to them would seriously put a kink in that but whatever....the dude is entitled to his own opinion....moving on.

Board member Bob Constantine said his goal this year is to have the community raise $45,000 for the care fund.