So for the past 2 1/2 weeks all we've heard about on the news is the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. No new credible information has come out since day one. Yet, here they are...on ALL the news channels with 24 hour coverage. Officials called a press conference at around midnight our time last night and guess what they said? We don't know where the plane is. NO SHIT?!?!? Really, we couldn't tell.

Hey CNN, Fox News, MSNBC....Give it a rest until some new information comes out will ya? It's getting pretty freakin old puking the same information day in and day out for over 2 weeks now. And also for the past 2 weeks, CNN's Martin Savidge has been in a flight simulator to show people "What a plane looks like when it ascends/descends".....crack reporting there moron.

It seems all other world news has come to a grinding halt..."Vladimir Putin is pretty close to invading Ukraine BUT THIS PLANE THOUGH!!!" And after what point can you take down your "BREAKING NEWS" tag off the screen. It's been missing for over 2's not exactly breaking anymore.

In all reality, the plane probably did go down in the Indian Ocean. How about we let the people who are searching for it do their jobs instead of asking them jack ass questions every time they try to work.

Just a thought. Let us know when something NEW happens...something USEFUL and CONCRETE!! Stop speculating on what happened. We won't know unless someone comes forward or until they find that black box. Which, may never happen. Let the passengers and crew rest in peace and the families cope with what happened. Last thing they need is Wolf Blitzer reminding them that their loved ones are at the bottom of the ocean. Let it go mainstream news....let it go.