Let's face it, with gas prices on the rise, it's hardly economical to head out on a road trip for a party. Much less so when you'd prefer to keep your cash invested in the actual festivities for a Bachelor party.

While we may not have a whole lot of places for the soon to be hubby and his cohorts to hold their traditional event, we've put together a list of the Top 5 Ways to make a whole day out of the party. The list assumes you have a whole day to spend on the event but any of the suggestions can be used for a stand alone stop on a night of Bachelor partying and are listed in no particular order should you want to use it for that purpose.


There's nothing like a day of the outdoors to work up to the night in question. While you're chipping away at that par three, you can put together jousting tournaments using the golf carts and your driver. Or perhaps an impromptu golf cart polo match.

However, you might want to stay on the course longer than 20 minutes so I'd recommend just using the clubs and carts for their intended use and just telling everyone that you had a rousing game of bumper cars with the golf carts.

Of the three courses inside Victoria, one is members only leaving two courses open to the general public. While the Colony Creek course is semi-private (and a bit on the pricey side for large parties), it is one of the better courses in the general area. Proper golf attire is required and arrangements must be made for group outings. I would definitely not recommend waiting until the last minute to book your tee times.


It's always best to get a stomach full of good food for a long night of drinking. Something that will stick to your ribs and maybe a place where you can have a few drinks to get the night started.

With both of those in mind, head over to Hungry Jacks Thirsty, Inc. The food is good, they're always ready to welcome large groups, the bar is fully stocked, and it's a great atmosphere to get in the mood for the big night out.

The food and service is great, the drinks are cold, and you're bound to get the night off on the right foot if you are looking for the perfect mix of affordable and tasty.

There's plenty of night ahead so don't get too rowdy just yet. We're just getting started.


Keep the night going by stopping in at Shooters. Some of the best pool tables in town are here and it's a good, casual way to let your food digest before the night gets crazy. Couple of pitchers of beer, few games of pool, and you're off to the races.

A little friendly competition is always a good way to break the ice if you have some new folks joining the party at this point. Make sure to tell them all about you're hole in one earlier in the day or about how you drove one of the carts into the pond. If you're the Bachelor for which the party is being thrown, make sure to point out how the new folks haven't bought you a shot yet.

Dancing and Drinking

What's the use of a Bachelor party if you don't give your boys a chance to hit on some pretty ladies? Head to Cactus Canyon to get to the real drinking of the night and take the time to ask some of the ladies to dance.

It's your last night out as a single man. Don't let the fact that you can't dance deter you from asking some pretty girl to dance. If you step all over her feet, buy her a drink and console her with the fact that at least she doesn't have to marry you.

Get your Best Man to call ahead before the big night and arrange for a private table. That way when you're lamenting the impending loss of your single-ness, you won't be overheard by anyone other than the boys.


You thought I forgot about this bit, didn't you?

You could rent a place for a private party and hire some out of town talent. Unfortunately, this is getting back into the realm of not being very economical and may take away from the booze factor of the night's equation.

So hit up the Maximus. I know, I know, most nights it looks like the place where old strippers go to die. And you could play that drinking game where you drink every time you see a scar on one of the ladies and get blind, stinking drunk in no time at all.

The one thing that is done well out the local (and only) strip club is the features. If you're going to have a bachelor party and you're going to be staying in town, it's definitely worth a quick call to see what the features are going to be for the month you're planning to have the party.

The talent is generally a little more upscale when the features are in town and if you've done things right, you'll have enough drinks in you at this point that the girls will be pretty no matter what.

Taxi Home

This should be number one but since it's a vehicle and not a place to party, it's kind of its own separate category.

Make sure everyone gets home in one piece whether it's by having a designated driver or hiring some cabs at the end of the night. Set aside some cash if you go for the cab route. Trust me, as much fun as you'll have the night of your Bachelor party, no one wants to be the one to explain to the bride-to-be that the reason her almost hubby isn't at the altar is that he couldn't be bothered with not driving after a long night of partying.

Have lots of fun but make sure you're home safe at the end of the night.