For the few that may not actually know who Ben Keating is...I will splain.  Ben Keating is the guy that got that phrase "Booming Port Lavaca" stuck in your head six or seven years ago.  He's also a highly respected man in the automotive sales industry, as well as the community.  AND now you can add....Race Car Driver.  This is actually not something new.

I've had Ben on my morning show as a guest on several occasions to talk about his involvement with racing over the last year or two.    So you could say his spot in the upcoming, 49th Annual  "Rolex 24" in Daytona isn't his first rodeo.  But...It is his biggest, most watched, most star studded rodeo ever. This is big time racing.

Keating will actually be racing on the same track with the likes of 4-time Nascar Champ Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, AJ Almandinger, Jamie McMurray, etc.  And although Keating has won the Viper Racing League the last four years and even has one professsional win under his belt, one would assume that a roster with this many big named drivers would be pretty intimidating To a guy that has been racing, at this level anyway, for a relatively short time.  But, nope.  He says he's fine with it.

But what about a track like Daytona?  Isn't that intimidating?  Isn't he afraid of wrecking at 200 mph?  Nope.  He told the Victoria Advocate, "I don't have to contend with people texting while driving.  It doesn't feel like it's unsafe."

This is a very unique race...It goes on for 24 hours!!!  Ben is part of a four man team.  The race will be televised, LIVE  on the SPEED Channel, starting on Saturday at 2pm our time.  It will be televised until 10 pm that night.  Then coverage will return on Sunday morning at 9 am.

I will be catching up with Ben again on the morning show after the race, to get all the details!!