Comcast SportsNet Houston was doomed from the start. The idea was for Comcast to gain exclusive rights to broadcasting Houston Astros and Houston Rockets games. The only problem with that was the only way you could see the games was to subscribe to Comcast Cable. Comcast has a somewhat tarnished reputation in the Houston area as being one of the worst cable companies to deal with. So, therein lies the problem. After multiple 0.0 ratings during broadcasts of Astros games (meaning an immeasurable amount of people watched the game on TV) Comcast noticed a problem...especially since the games themselves were selling tickets hand over fist, and the problem wasn't that nobody wanted to watch the Astros, they just didn't want to watch them on Comcast.

Well now it seems Astros/Rockets fans can rejoice. Especially here in Victoria where Comcast isn't available anyway. That's because AT&T and DirecTV have apparently opted to take over the deal and broadcast rights are no longer exclusive to Comcast SportsNet Houston.

Unfortunately, I don't think this means you can catch the games on Suddenlink but I'm not sure. I'll find out and let you know but I believe this opens up the market for AT&T Uverse and DirecTV subscribers.

Good news for crossroads Astros/Rockets fans. Now when this deal takes effect is still unknown. Stay tuned!