It's true! Just ask 22 yr old Johnisha Terry of Austin, TX who was talking to a Police Officer in Austin about some outstanding warrants. According to a report, she began acting a little suspicious, and eventually her 3 yr old son asked Police if they had "found his mom's weed."Nice. It took place during a traffic stop, and officials said the woman was "grabbing at her feet'.  She was pulled from the vehicle, and one officer noticed some marijuana scattered around the floor of the car. While Police were looking through the vehicle, the boy was talking to the officers, and that's when he asked if they found his mom's stash. Now the woman faces not only the 3 outstanding warrants, but also a tampering with evidence charge, and possession of marijuana.

Nice job, son. Remember, Mother's Day is coming up, and I think your mom would like some duct tape for your mouth!