If you're a human,or human like creatrue of any kind, then I'm sure we can agree that Friday isn't Friday without some mildly enetrtaining videos to get you through.

I kind of figured this Friday was worthy of TWO video features. After a good response to yesterday's "Blue Grass Mario Bros", I couldn't resist the temptation to share these two video gems from the information super highway.  First...Enjoy the music!!

But I couldn't stop there. Not on a Friday. I'm not sure exactly what the message is here. But it's pretty funny. I never even really thought about this before.

Speaking on the phone is something we all do many times a day and there's an etiquette that should be followed. For instance, it's customary to say "goodbye" when hanging up. But that's not the case in movies. Have you ever noticed that phone conversations in films always end abruptly without a "goodbye?" Need some examples? Check out this compilation.

After seeing these two videos, you are now free to die without feeling like you've been jipped in your short life. Just know it was worth it.