When you think of NFL players being drug tested you think of the usual culprits and violators i.e. Quarterbacks, Receivers, Linebackers etc. But rarely do you ever hear of a kicker being suspended to violating the No Fun League's wellness policy.

Well the NFL seemed it was fitting to ask New York Giant's punter Steve Weatherford to do just that....take a drug test after having a huge game.

Weatherford punted a total of 5 times...two of which traveled more than 65 yards no naturally he must be on steroids right? Come on NFL...get your shit together. The guy had a great game...leave him alone.

If you think Weatherford is the only kicker to be picked on this year....you'd be wrong.

In October, Colt's kicker Pat McAfee was summoned by the NFL for a drug test after laying a big time hit on Bronco's return man Trindon Holiday.

Random drug tests eh? Come on NFL...crack down on dirty hits (Jamaal Charles (KC) who intentionally chop blocked Brian Cushing (HOU) breaking his leg and ending his season) and leave the kickers alone....I highly doubt anyone would purposely dope to be a kicker in the NFL.