Now, if you've been following the Olympics as closely as I have (and if you've read my previous's been ridiculously close) then you've noticed quite a few hotties in the mix of female athletes scattered all around the games.  Now then, on the opposite end of the spectrum there are some god awful wildebeests (yes that's how you spell it) in the competitions as well...I know there is a Turkish female weightlifter that could give Schwarzenegger a run for his money on ugly but I digress.  I'm here to celebrate probably the hottest team at the Olympics....sorry U.S.A.

I speak of the women's field hockey team from The Netherlands, the best looking team in the Games. The orange-clad squad won its first match 3-0 against Belgium on Sunday, a big step to advancing to the knockout round from Group A and defending its Olympic title. Victories come and go, however. The enduring power of this field hockey team is that it transcends on-field results.

Netherlands fans are a small, dedicated group. I've been in the club since watching the team in Athens in 2004. Others jumped on the bandwagon during the gold-medal run in Beijing. Still, the Dutch team has yet to break through to mainstream attention in the United States and we're not altogether unhappy about it. You never want to see your favorite indie band go big, you know? Next thing you know it'll be doing commercials for Heineken and wearing wooden shoes on the cover of Vogue. We don't want that.

Call them whatever you'd like: Dutch, or The Netherlands or -- and we're still not sure when this become incorrect or frowned upon -- Holland. They play again on Tuesday against Japan. I'll be watching.